The Fronde, surrounded by Putin, is growing. What the media write

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The Fronde grows around Putin. What the media writes

One of the people , who are close associates of Vladimir Putin, directly expressed disagreement with his actions regarding the war in Ukraine, writes The Washington Post.

As the Russian army pours in at the front in Ukraine, there is growing dissatisfaction with the war unleashed by him, surrounded by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. One of the people in the inner circle of Vladimir Putin directly expressed his disagreement with the Russian president with his actions regarding the war in Ukraine. According to The Washington Post, referring to data obtained by American intelligence, one of the associates directly expressed to Putin dissatisfaction with the ineffective management of hostilities and the mistakes made by the military leadership. This information, the newspaper writes, was deemed important enough to inform US President Joe Biden and other officials of his administration.

The new intelligence, combined with recent comments from Russian officials, speaks to divisions at the highest echelons of power, where officials have long preferred not to deliver bad news to Putin, The Washington Post notes. However, intelligence officials warn that there are no signs that the Russian president is in danger of being ousted from office now.

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, in a commentary to the newspaper, said that the information of American intelligence about a person from his inner circle who “directly challenged” Putin “absolutely does not correspond to reality.”

At the same time, he acknowledged that there are disagreements and debates among the Russian political elites, especially over such important decisions as the recently announced mobilization. “There are disagreements about such moments. Some people think that we should act differently. But this is all part of the usual workflow,” Peskov said. — There are working disputes: about the economy, about the conduct of a military operation. There are disputes about the education system. It's part of a normal working process, and it's not a sign of some kind of split.”

“It seems to me that his position is unstable,” one Russian official told the newspaper on the day Putin announced the mobilization.

Criticism on the rise

A senior European security official points to growing criticism behind Putin's back: “He is seen as stubborn and obsessed with Ukraine. It’s an obsession that they (Putin’s inner circle) don’t necessarily share.”

Two members of the Russian business elite, who spoke to American journalists, believe the coming weeks could be critical in determining Putin’s future and what decisions he will make regarding the continuation of the war. “This is a turning point,” says one of the businessmen, noting that if the Russian army fails to compensate for its losses, then “internal strife” will begin in Russia.