The further fate of Lech Wałęsa's son has already been decided. The police will be arriving at his house soon

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Lech Wałęs' son must take into account such a solution.

 The fate of Lech Wałęsa's son is already sealed. Soon the police will appear in his house

According to the “Super Express” website, Lech Wałęsa's son must expect a visit by police officers in the coming days. The Family Court decided to place Sławomir Wałęsa for compulsory drug addiction treatment. The ex-president's son had the chance to come to the hospital voluntarily, but he did not take advantage of this opportunity.

Sławomir Wałęsa must reckon with the visit of the police

Sławomir Wałęsa made himself known to the public mainly for two things. The first is a passion for alcohol, the second is the fair sex. The family, which is trying their best to help Sławomir, decided to apply to the court for the forced placement of the man into drug addiction treatment.

In June last year, a court in Toruń issued a decision to place a man in rehab in a closed center. A date was set for Sławomir Wałęsa to appear at the square, but he did not do so. Now he will be forced to go to the hospital.

Recently, Lech Wałęsa's son in an interview with “Super Express” admitted that he quit drinking because he could no longer afford to buy alcohol. The tabloid journalists point out that the man actually shows the change, which is captured in the photos you can see here.

 Further fate of Lech Wałęsa's son is already sealed. The police will appear in his house soon.

The stormy life of Sławomir Wałęsa

Apart from his weakness for alcohol, Sławomir Wałęsa became famous for his rather turbulent emotional life. The man was married twice. He had two children with his first wife. Another one. He also had an affair with his boss's wife, which also resulted in the conception of a child and him quitting his job.

 The further fate of Lech Wałęsa's son is already sealed. police

Do you think that Lech Wałęsa's son will be able to go straight this time?

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