The future bride did not expect such a final pre-wedding confession. “He started screaming and calling me names”


What experiences have those who joined it with pre-wedding confession?

 The future bride did not expect such an end to the pre-wedding confession.

As the portal “Wirtualna Polska” reminds us, before joining the sacrament of marriage, the future bride and groom are obliged to confess. It is not easy and pleasant for everyone, especially if the future spouses already live together and get along regularly. This can be the basis for the confessor's refusal to grant absolution. Unfortunately, there are many such cases, and the clergy allow themselves many indiscriminate comments on this occasion.

Refusal to absolution

One of the more common reasons why priests decide to refuse absolution to their future newlyweds is because they live together and live together. In an interview with Wirtualna Polska, Fr. Dr. Grzegorz Mazur OP indicates that he encourages young people who come to him not to co-exist with each other for some time.

Thanks to this, the future spouses would have the opportunity to meet, among other things ” in conditions where they will not be able to co-exist and have it somehow practiced for the future. The clergyman also added that regardless of whether the confessors manage to persevere or not, the prayer itself is a reason for him to absolve such a person.

 The future bride did not expect such an end to the pre-wedding confession.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to find a good confessor.

“He started yelling and calling me names”

Karolina, who shared her story with “Wirtualna Polska”, does not remember her pre-wedding confession well. She admitted that to this day she remembers that event with a sense of shame.

The woman revealed that as soon as the priest heard that she was living with her future husband and they were making love, “he began to yell at her and call her harlots.” . “I was young then, scared, so I didn't answer anything, I just ran away,” she added.

 The future bride did not expect such an end to the pre-wedding confession.

Mrs. Kinga had other experiences, who admitted that she remembers her pre-wedding confession very well. The young confessor gave the confession as a conversation that was comfortable for both parties.

And you, what are your experiences in this area?


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