The future of computing, according to Google

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The future of computing, according to Google

Google Cloud Next '22, the event where people from all over the world attend to learn, participate and solve the challenges of tomorrow, takes place in a scenario where the expectations of customers and global markets are changing rapidly, so organizations must ensure they are prepared for the future by making the right decisions today.

The company Google launched in the first half of 2022, approximately 1,300 new features and products. Building on this work, Google Cloud Next '22 unveils product innovations and new partnerships to help organizations—data decision makers, developers, IT teams, cyber security experts tica and all employees) to make this transformation a reality, guarantee its impact and make it sustainable. These innovations cover four key areas in which Google Cloud: data, open infrastructure, collaboration and security.

In the data section Translation Hub arrives, with which organizations can now efficiently translate content into more than 135 languages. It is presented as the new enterprise-scale translation AI agent for automated document translation.

Secondly, Google talks aboutOpen Infrastructure,with a toIncreased Google Cloud's global presence with six new regions. Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden join the eight regions announced earlier this year.

Increased customer support

In the collaborative aspect, progress is being made in immersive video calls. The new capabilities of Google Meet include adaptive framing. This technology allows everyone in a conference room to be seen clearly, and speaker focus makes it easy for presenters to better engage their audience by embedding video directly into Google Slides.

An important section is that of security. where Google has always provided a secure cloud infrastructure and, with the recent acquisition of Mandiant, extends its cybersecurity capabilities and expertise to help customers stay protected. Chronicle Security Operations enables cybersecurity teams to better detect, investigate, and respond to threats with the speed, scale, and intelligence of Google. Confidential Space enables organizations to collaborate with others with confidence that the data they hold can remain protected from their partners.

Finally highlighting Next Generation Technology with Project Starline, a project that allows coworkers to feel as if they are together even when they are in other cities through a 3D model, enters a new phase of testing.