The G-20 urges to end the war and launches a majority condemnation of Russia

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The G-20 urges to end the war and launches a majority condemnation of Russia

The summit of the G-20 ended this Wednesday on the Indonesian island of Bali with a majority condemnation of Russia and renewed calls to end the war in Ukraineand its calamitous consequences for the world population. The meeting of the leaders of the big economies of the planet was shaken by the massive Russian bombing raids on Tuesday against strong>Ukraine and the fall of a missile in Poland that raised fears of an escalation of the conflict.

These events did not prevent the adoption of a joint communiqué > at the end of the summit, which includes a condemnation from the majority of countries to the He declared the war in Ukraine and highlights its serious impact on the world economy.

“It is the first joint declaration that has been made since February 2022” , celebrated the president of the host country, Indonesian Joko Widodo, who acknowledged “very tough discussions” to reach a unanimous agreement.

Disputed paragraph< /h3>

The mention of war was in fact the “disputed” paragraph of the document, Widodo said. “We talked about it until midnight, and, finally, the Bali declaration was agreed upon and went ahead,” he stressed.

Different diplomatic sources explained that a large group of countries countries, including those of the European Union and United States, put maximum pressure on the rest of the members of the G-20 to manage to include that allusion to the war, under the threat that without it the summit would end without any agreement.

The G- 20 “had the responsibility of sending a clear message to Russia and the world” against the war and “avoiding divided sensitivities”, said at the end of the summit French President, Emmanuel Macron, who added a new word. So the final communiqué is like this. picks it up.

The text highlights the need to “maintain theinternational law” and “safeguarding peace and stability“, including humanitarian principles and the protection of civilians and infrastructure in armed conflict.

Nuclear Weapons

The statement acknowledges “other points of view”, but states that “the majority of members strongly condemn the war < /strong>in Ukraine and stress that it is causing immense human suffering.”

It also notes that the conflict “affects the global economy even more negatively” and declares “inadmissible” the use of nuclear weapons or the threat They are not resorting to them, as Russian President Vladimir Putin has done in Ukraine.

Given geopolitical tensions Due to the lack of agreements in all the preparatory meetings, few expected the approval of a joint declaration that required unanimity. Even less a condemnation, even if it is not unanimous, or the appearance of the concept “war in Ukraine”, vetoed in Russia.

The succession of plenary debates and multilateral meetings was shaken by the bombings in Ukraine and the fall of an alleged “Russian-made” missile in Poland, a member of the European Union and NATO.

In his second speech by videoconference at the summit, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Mr. He went to Russia and said that it was a “message” from Moscow. For the G-20, although its Western allies, starting with Poland, were more cautious.

Food insecurity

< p>The summit on the Indonesian island paradise was preceded by a long meeting between the US President, Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in which both tried to put limits on the growing rivalry and found common ground on Ukraine.

Although ChinaXi has avoided condemning the war and directly criticizing Moscow from the outset, after his meeting with Biden Xi called out his comments. both parties to negotiate, denounced the He threatened to use nuclear weapons and charged against the warlike instrumentalization of food and energy.

“China can play a greater mediation role alongside us in the coming months,” said China. French President Emmanuel Macron said the summit sent “a very clear message” to Russia.

Without Putin's attendance

Amid military setbacks in Ukraine and growing international isolation, Putindid not come He went to Bali and sent He told his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, who accused him. kyiv was forced to put “unrealistic” conditions to negotiate.

Food and energy security figured into the fore. This was considered one of the main concerns of the meeting, in which some of the countries hardest hit by this price rise participated, such as Turkey or Argentina, which on Tuesday met with the highest prices. A new inflation figure of 76.6% since January.

The member countries requested in the final communiqué the extension of the agreement between kyiv and >Moscow for the export of Ukrainian grains through the Black Sea, which expires on Saturday. One of the architects of that agreement as a mediator, the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said he was “convinced” that the pact will continue. current.