The Games of La Francophonie obtain a one-month reprieve

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The Games of La Francophonie get a one-month reprieve

Radio-Canada has learned that the Games of La Francophonie have been seriously compromised due to delays in preparations.

The organizers of the Games of La Francophonie, scheduled for Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) next summer, obtain a reprieve. Radio-Canada has learned that the National Committee for the Games of La Francophonie has submitted the required documents by November 15, failing which the Games, the signature event of La Francophonie, could be canceled altogether.

In a report including Investigationreceived a copy, the Orientation Council of the International Committee of the Games of La Francophonie (CIJF) notes significant progress, but it nevertheless indicates that this dynamic will have to be continued, deepened and consolidated. According to our information, the Council is giving the organization a one-month reprieve.

Among the documents submitted are operational plans for accommodation, the ceremony, communications, infrastructure and marketing, among others. Advanced talks are underway with the Vivendi Group to organize the opening and closing ceremonies and to negotiate a package including in particular the provision of an operations director.

Created in 1987 in Quebec during the Francophonie Summit, the Francophonie Games are sporting and cultural competitions that bring together more than 3,500 young talents (aged 18 to 35) every four years who have as common point the French language.

The current edition was supposed to be held in 2021, but was postponed due to the pandemic. The previous Games were held in 2017 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

The Games are estimated to attract approximately 541 million viewers.

Important tasks remain to be accomplished. For example, in terms of health, two draft agreements with two hospital structures are being finalized and the process of acquiring ambulances has been launched.

In terms of accommodation, the report indicates that the National Committee for the Games of La Francophonie (CNJF) was authorized to directly sign an amendment with a company for the development of the Games Village. This company will see to the construction of 11 structures for the accommodation of delegations. A sum of more than US$14 million has been granted to it by the DRC government.

As regards infrastructure, the CNJF says it is now the prime contractor for all construction sites. The government is committed to having them ready by the end of March-beginning of April 2023.

Last month, the Council held an extraordinary session to take stock of the progress of preparations for the 9th Games of La Francophonie. Radio-Canada then learned that serious problems had come to completely compromise the very holding of the Games.

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