The girl decided to help her lover save money for a new car so that he did not know about it – but not everyone understood her act


May 4, 2022, 14:08 | In the world

People did not appreciate the desire of a girl to help her boyfriend.

The girl decided to help her lover save up money for a new car so that he didn't know about it — but not everyone understood her act

The American woman decided to help her boyfriend save up for a car and secretly put money in his piggy bank, but her followers on Twitter did not appreciate the surprise. People's opinions are divided: while some dream of such a second half, others believe that girls should not commit such acts, because, in their opinion, they can lead to unpleasant consequences, informs Ukr.Media.

A Twitter user from Valdosta, Georgia, told readers how she secretly helped her boyfriend save up for his dream car.

The girl decided to help so that her beloved could buy himself a more expensive car, and therefore every time she put in his piggy bank the same amount that he put in himself. When the day of the purchase came, the boy had accumulated twice as much money as he expected.

"My boyfriend saved money every month and saved five thousand dollars to buy a new car. What he doesn't know is that he actually has ten thousand dollars. I secretly doubled every dollar he put aside. He really deserves it."

In one day, the girl's post collected a lot of retweets and likes. People praised the girl for her support, but opinions were divided. Some subscribers decided that this is how an American woman shows her love and one can only dream of such a partner.

  • "I did not believe that such a relationship existed in real life".
  • "That's really cute. You are his blessing".
  • "This is super cute. I was smiling really hard while I was reading. I am sure he will be very surprised, I would like to see his reaction. You put in so much effort, well done, sister!"

But others decided that such actions are not acceptable for girls.

  • "Male behavior. When he starts to see you as his brother and not his woman, your eyes will open quickly. You have a man who likes to be manly, but you ruined everything.

According to users, the guy will not be happy about the surprise.


  • "I wouldn't be able to take even five kopecks from my girlfriend.

Subscribers thought that the girl was in a hurry, because the status of her relationship with her boyfriend, according to people, does not yet correspond to such expensive gifts.

  • "I thought they did this for men…not boys".

She should was to spend five thousand on your future, and not to surprise your partner.

  • "I don't understand if you are his girlfriend, or a sister?

True, the girl did not tolerate disrespect for her relationship.

"This person always helped me with money. We have been together for six years. They never cursed because of another woman. Together since college. There are no children. He pays for the apartment and I buy the groceries. Please shut up."

There is absolutely nothing wrong with what the girl did. The main thing is that she does not regret it.


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