The girl decided to lose weight and lost 30 kg after she received an unexpected blow from the boy


April 13, 2022, 22:01 | In the world

She took care of her weight only after her boyfriend dumped her.

The girl decided to lose weight and lost 30 kg after receiving an unexpected blow from a boyfriend

A resident of Britain, 24-year-old Wales Laurie Ball was abandoned by a boyfriend on her own birthday. He pushed her to drastic changes, informs Ukr.Media.

The girl from the small town of St. Asaf suffered from excess weight.

"I was unhappy for a long time. I tried to lose weight, but I just couldn't stick to the restrictions because I love food. I live to eat,' Lori said.

In the past four years, Ball has not had a romantic relationship. She was thrilled when a guy she met online finally asked her out to dinner. She thought the first date went well.

“We walked, had a good time, agreed to go somewhere again for my birthday,” said the girl.

They agreed to meet in a week. Laurie carefully prepared for the meeting. Suddenly, just a few hours before the appointed time, a young man called her.

"I really regret doing this. But I don't want to see you again because you are more than I expected,' he said.

According to the girl, she was devastated after such a message. Lori felt ashamed and rejected. The guy dumped her without even wishing her a happy birthday.

"He was very cold to me,' she said.

However, the young man's harsh comment forced her to act. In just six months, Laurie lost 30 kg, her dress size decreased from a size 16 to a UK size 10.

"It really hurt me deeply. I thank him for that now, because that's when I decided to change things. And I did it. It gave me a real boost, Lori admitted.

The girl decided to lose weight and lost 30 kg after , as she received an unexpected blow from a boy

The girl revealed the secret of her phenomenal transformation. She admitted that she really likes high-calorie takeaways, crackers and processed cheese. Lori switched to a healthy diet. She started preparing her favorite treats at home, but with the "correct" recipes, in which the calorie content is much lower.

On rest days, her diet is 1,500 calories, on sports weekdays – 1,900 calories. The number of steps she measures with a special gadget increased from 3,000 to 15,000. Ball hired a personal trainer and exercised six times a week.

All this time, the boyfriend continued to remain among her followers in social networks. Lori was happy to post pictures after losing weight. The young man turned his attention to her again. He began to shower her with compliments, wondered if she was still free, and actively invited her on dates. However, Lori ignored all his messages.

Then the guy persisted and called her. Lori picked up the phone and laughed out loud at his next invitation. According to the girl, losing weight became her revenge in response to the boy's rudeness.

The girl decided to lose weight and lost 30 kg after receiving an unexpected blow from a boy

Now the girl is happy in a relationship with Sam Roberts. She met him after she started a new life with sports and a healthy diet.

The girl lost 70 kilograms in two years and became a fitness trainer.


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