The girl did not shave her legs and armpits for three years, this is the only way she was able to become happy, and her experience is contagious


February 10, 2020, 08:22 | In the world

She doesn't plan to start doing it, because that's how she was able to find harmony and happiness, despite all the hate.

The girl didn't shave her legs and armpits for three years, that's the only way she could become happy, and her experience is contagious

The girl has not shaved her body hair for three years and does not plan to start doing so. Despite people's condemnation and harsh criticism of her lifestyle, she is happy and does not even think of bending to the demands of the patriarchal world. After all, the harmony and happiness she achieved turned out to be stronger than social foundations, informs Ukr.Media.

Maisy Duff, a 19-year-old resident of Hawaii, told how and why she decided to grow her hair. The girl started shaving her legs and arms when she was still ten years old. It seemed to her that society was training her to do this, although she herself had no desire to get rid of her hair.

"I started shaving when I was about ten years old. For what reason? “Simply because all the women around me did it, being taught that women should do that,” explained the girl.

For six years, shame in front of people kept Macy from using a razor.

I shaved as soon as my hair started to grow back. I was afraid that anyone would even glance at my armpits, legs and bikini line if I had barely any stubble.

In 2016, Maisie's father got a job in Hawaii — and the family moved. That's where it all started: Macy's twin sister, Ellie, saw a woman on the beach who wasn't ashamed of her full hairy legs. Macy remembered it, and then found her Instagram page. This account surprised Macy, but in a good way. The girl was inspired by pictures of a stranger from the beach and stopped shaving her body hair.

Since then, the girl has received a lot of criticism for her decision to let her hair grow. Strangers even approached her to express their disgust. But Maisie is sure: it only strengthened her desire to protect her way of life.

Since then, she maintains an Instagram account where she publishes her photos. So Macy wants to prove that a woman can be beautiful and attractive even with body hair.

«With each cut from the repetitive motion of the razor, I silently despised myself for not being who they wanted me to be. to see, I was angry and disappointed with their conditions,'' Macy recalls.

The girl did not understand why she persisted in driving the razor over her body.

"Why can't I just be myself? And why do I keep doing it? Is this really what this world expects from me? I tried with all my might to understand why I needed to shave for someone's comfort and pleasure,'' the girl says about those long-gone days.

When Maisie grew her hair, at first she was afraid to raise her hands in front of people: she was afraid , that others will see her hairy armpits, but over time the girl was able to overcome herself — and it was worth it.

I have developed a very personal connection with my own body. I became acutely aware of this because I no longer felt numb.

In order to feel comfortable, accept and love her body, the girl only needed a month without shaving her hair. She was inspired by the idea by her two sisters, and then even her mother followed their example.

Once a photo from Macy's Instagram became popular on social networks, and then the girl received a lot of negativity from strangers on the Internet. She was shocked at how cruel people's comments about someone's appearance can be. Her family supported her that time, and the experience made Macy even stronger—now that public condemnation can't affect her like that.

The most important advice Macy could give people is simple:

Create beauty for yourself. Let yourself decide what beauty is. Find the beauty within and you will realize that it is everywhere.


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