The girl found out what it's like to meet a billionaire, it turned out that meeting a very wealthy person is not a heavenly pleasure


July 5, 2020, 10:35 | Business

The model became a companion of a billionaire, getting to know all the charms, and not only, of a wealthy life.

The girl found out what it's like — dating a billionaire, it turned out that dating a very wealthy person — is not heavenly pleasure

The model met a billionaire and became his companion, getting to know all the charms (and not only) of a wealthy life. It turned out that a relationship with a very wealthy person is not at all similar to heavenly pleasure, because such novels have many side effects, informs Ukr.Media.

Meeting a wealthy partner was (and may still be) a rosy dream for some girls and boys who want to live to their own satisfaction and not deny themselves anything, but model Jill Dodd is afraid of such a fate, because she has already had time to experience all the taste of life with the rich boyfriend.

Jill told how in 1980, as a twenty-year-old girl, she worked as a model in Paris, gradually carving out a place for herself under the fashion sun.

«It was hard work, but eventually I started appearing on magazine covers, which was kind of a reward, I suppose. Although I didn't feel any different than before. I did not feel satisfied. I was sure that I needed a relationship.

One summer day, agent Jill offered her a short vacation in Monte Carlo, and the girl was immediately alarmed that an expensive vacation was offered to her for free.

«After arriving at the hotel, we spent the day by the pool, drinking popular drinks, chatting with new friends and enjoying the beautiful view. That evening, my agent took me in a limousine to a party at a house overlooking the Mediterranean. It was a big outdoor event with a bonfire and live gypsy music.

In the midst of fun, Jill noticed that she was being watched by an elderly man, who, according to the model, did not cause her any fears. A conversation started between them, and soon the new acquaintances decided to retire to talk calmly in a quiet environment.

This is where all the weirdness started.

“When we sat next to each other at the big festive table, he looked into my eyes, lifted my shirt, exposing my forearm, and wrote: 'I love you.' with his own blood. Apparently, he cut himself by breaking his glasses. I had no idea who he was, but I really liked him.

The girl found out how it — dating a billionaire, it turned out that dating a very wealthy person — is not heavenly pleasure

Jill later learned that the man's name was Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi arms dealer and one of the richest men in the world. He owned businesses, properties and mansions around the world and was known for his luxury toys – the world's largest private jet and a yacht called Nabila.

“In 1980, there was no Internet, so I couldn't just find out his name. I started chatting with him blindly and soon discovered that dating a billionaire was not as strange as I thought. But to understand it, I had to spend some time.

Jill met Adnan the day after they met, and a few weeks later he took her to Spain, where he asked her to be one of his wives, which the girl agreed.

“I told him a very cautious “Yes,'' and that's how I became a chess piece in his inner world. At first, wealth and excess felt new, strange, and intriguing. Once in Kenya, Adnan tried to give me a huge diamond ring worth 20 carats. I refused his gift because it was too shocking and overwhelming.

However, Jill did not last long.

«Over time, I began to notice that other women were wearing such jewelry. , and wanted too. Couture dresses have become my go-to dinner attire. I ate delicious, healthy, chef-prepared food. I was driven in limousines and private planes.

Jill admitted that over time she began to take this lifestyle for granted.

«Even at home in Los Angeles, I wanted to dine out, wear fashionable clothes and eat by candlelight in darkened dining rooms with white linen tablecloths and waiters in white uniforms. I was so absorbed in it that I completely did not notice what happened to me.

The girl found out what it's like — dating a billionaire, it turned out that dating a very wealthy person — is not heavenly pleasure

About a year into the relationship with Adnan, Jill began to have severe anxiety. She noted that wealth became the meaning of her life.

"I became more and more like Adnan, who was always chasing the maximum: a new big toy, a new beautiful woman, a new unfathomably profitable deal. I became obsessed with filling my void in the soul, as he did.

Another problem that the model faced was jealousy. At first, she felt like an exceptional woman in Adnan's life, but over time, personal employment made her notice changes.

"I started attending the college of design and fashion, where there were very strict rules and a serious workload. In my absence, Adnan began spending time with other, less experienced women. I didn't like them.

Next to Adnan, there were always other partners, and it was no secret for Jill, but when one of the new ones showed her the ring given to her by her husband, the model realized that she was wrong about her life and relationships .

«The ring was exactly the same as the one he gave me. It was like a punch in the stomach and I started to see things for what they really are. It was the beginning of the end for us. Soon we broke up, and I felt relieved because chasing happiness through wealth is like chasing your shadow.

As Jill settled back into her normal life, she realized that there was no magic bullet. 39; an object that will help a person feel happy.

"Happiness is not in objects, power, status or wealth. It is only inside, and to find it, you have to make a very long journey. It became easier for me to accept my own mistakes and shortcomings, I became more understanding and compassionate. Now I enjoy the love of my friends and family.


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