The girl hid in the trunk and exposed her friend in cheating with her lover


August 18, 2019, 11:30 | In the world

A friend showed interest in her lover.

The girl hid in trunk and exposed her friend to cheating with her lover

In the USA, a girl climbed into the trunk of a car to track down an acquaintance who showed interest in her lover, reports Ukr.Media.

< p>19-year-old Jacob Glasgow told his girlfriend that her friend was trying to flirt with him on social networks. She invited him to meet.

Then the guy told his girlfriend to go to the meeting with him and follow the situation. The girl agreed.

By the way, all this time she was sitting in the trunk of the car.

The girl wanted to know how far an acquaintance would go in communicating with her boyfriend. From the trunk, Samantha heard that her rival got into the car and spoke to Jacob.

According to the girl, she had to listen to everything that her acquaintance offered him. The guy played along with her and said that he was looking for condoms in the trunk. Soon he got into the car with his girlfriend. By the way, the acquaintance had already managed to take off her shorts at that time.

Despite this, she denied all the accusations.


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