The girl was hired by Apple, and then changed her mind, explaining the refusal by the fact that she is from Ukraine


Katya Trusova told a story on LinkedIn that she was not hired by Apple, and the reason was that she was from Ukraine. How did it happen?

The girl was hired by Apple, and then they changed their mind, explaining the refusal by the fact that she was from Ukraine

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I interviewed 2 weeks ago and was offered a position at Apple.

The recruiter mentioned that the background check might take some time, so how they need to check 7 years for crimes but assured me that this would not be a problem and that they want me to start as soon as possible. I informed my current employer and submitted my resignation letter 2 weeks in advance.

3 days before starting a new position, I was informed that, unfortunately, Apple cannot hire me, because I spent 2 of the last 7 years in Ukraine. And because of the war, background checks cannot be done in Ukraine.

It didn't help that I submitted a 7-year full background check from December 2021, as well as my B1/B2 US tourist visa from May 2015, which couldn't be provided to me if I had any criminal charges at any time.

What I felt after hearing this information… void… as if what's happening since February 24 isn't enough.

On paper, Apple is “deeply concerned about Russia's invasion of Ukraine and stands by all the people who suffer as a result of the violence,” but in reality they refused to make exceptions to their policy, given the main circumstance – the war in Ukraine.

And yes, I understand the consequences of this post for me personally, getting blacklisted by Apple in the future, but how about humanity? Soon thousands of Ukrainian refugees in the United States will receive work permits, and what will they hear when they apply for a job? “Sorry, we can't hire you because you're from Ukraine”?

It hurts, it hurts, and it's unfair.

I urge Apple and other major tech companies are reviewing their policies and making exceptions for Ukrainians. We suffer enough as it is, losing our homes, memories and loved ones.


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