The girl without complexes: the tipsy S. hoisted on the head of a beer mug

Девушка без комплексов: подвыпившая Семенович водрузила на голову пивную кружку

Triggered when something in my Shoe Putin Russian singer Anna Semenovich have once again proved to fans that not suffering from an excess of complexes.

So, once a popular figure skater and the singer has published in his Instagram a pretty funny video with a giant beer mug, which at the end of the video, the actress even managed to put on his head, notices the “Express newspaper”.

Seeing the photo, commentators have speculated that Anna, obviously, was in good spirits, as the mug was already half empty.

In its “justification” the performer began to tell subscribers about the master of unusual packaging, which supposedly was a mysterious man sitting at the next table.

Then she began to “swing” a glass of beer.

And in the end of the movie beauty has stopped being shy and took a SIP from a generous portion of beer from their impressive drink.

“Good mood”, — has signed a humorous video artist.

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Publication of S. Anna (@ann_semenovich) Dec 2, 2019 at 4:40 PST

Fans of a sense of humor Anna seemed funny, so beauty began to literally praise excitedly. “Wow, two in one and sport and mood”, “I love Your nature”, — wrote to the followers Proposal.

Traditionally, it was not without quite a nasty comment: “Ann, you look great! Finally, finally turned into a plump milkmaid with on drink-smoky voice. Krasava, keep it up! You still of decent places not to go? You don brawler there, and then I’ll see you under 200 grams in a karaoke yell.”

As reported by “FACTS”, recently Anna Semenovich admitted that he suffers from a genetic pathology called gigantomastia (abnormal breast growth).

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