The glory of DeAngelo fun in an unexpected way in the company of men

Thank Kaminska from the band Neangely still going through a divorce with plastieken surgeon Edgar Kaminsky. To cope with the difficult period of her life helping children, favorite work and signature sense of humor that the singer loved by the fans. So, on the page in Instagram she published a holiday “horned” photo.

Слава из НеАнгелов повеселилась в неожиданном образе в компании мужчины

The actress lit up in the frame not just one, but with each other. Showman and blogger Alexey Durnev. The singer looks spectacular and festive – her luxurious hair was in big curls, makeup with emphasis on eyes, and on his head a Hoop emblazoned with antlers. Judging by the decor and surroundings, the artist participated in the recording of the Christmas edition of the program blogger.

“I even horns go. However, Alexey Durnev?” — she asked in the caption to the picture at the interlocutor.

Fans complimented not only humor, but also the image of Glory.

  • The beauty does not spoil — it is either there or it is not. It always says my Mom. You’re wonderful
  • What a hottie
  • Cool
  • Garni humors
  • Fabulous and Very kind!!!! Thank You wonder girl
  • You all going

In stories singer, you can see a comic dialogue with the showman. “I invited you on “Dom looking for a guy,” says Alex. “I – horned deer” jokes Fame. “You like to have on the show? And guys did you like it?” — interested in the blogger. “Very. All! Wrap” — supported comic dialogue artist. In the end the blogger was not kept from a compliment. “You’re always beautiful,” he assured her.

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