“The goal is stated ambitious”: the diplomat said that Russia and Belarus will create a single Parliament and…

"Цели заявлены грандиозные": дипломат заявил, что Россия и Беларусь создадут единые парламент и...

Belarus and Russia continue working on the coordination of the roadmaps of deeper integration, but at the same time solve the problem of energy prices in 2020. In particular, Belarus insists on lowering gas prices, because that is in the same Smolensk region is twice lower than in Minsk.

Assessment of the Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Vladimir Semashko, “stated Grand purpose and they should not change.”

In particular, the planned transition to a unified tax law, the creation of common markets of oil, gas and electricity.

The completion of the integration should be the creation of a single Parliament and government, which will be donated “certain control functions with the obligatory execution”.

“This problem is now solved”, — said Semashko, was quoted by the online tut.by.

Earlier, the Ukrainian analyst, Institute for the future of Igar Tyszkiewicz said the “FACTS” that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, despite the public assurances of friendship with Russia, pursued a policy of rapprochement with other States to protect the interests of his country.

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