The Godbout beach library: a reading haven


The Godbout beach library: a reading haven

Marielle Patenaude created a beach library in Godbout a year ago, on its own land.

For the past year, a resident of Godbout has been offering citizens and tourists a special cultural offer: a small chalet filled with books to discover, by the sea.

Montreal native Marielle Patenaude moved to the area 3 years ago after vacationing in Godbout for nearly 20 years. Last year, she built this beach library on her own land in the village, with the help of her son.

Its objective is to further animate the village and provide a place of refuge for young readers, residents and vacationers passing through.

Marielle Patenaude, originally from Montreal, moved to Godbout permanently three years ago, after having holiday stays at the village for almost 20 years.

“It's a little cabin, a little secret refuge. [Young people] are surrounded by books. »

— Marielle Patenaude, instigator of the biblio-plage in Godbout

It's a personal initiative, with my own books given to me by my family and friends. friends and those I buy. I'm a good bookstore customer!, launches the Godboutoise.

Listen to the interview with Marielle Patenaude on the show Bonjour la Côte

Marielle Patenaude has created a section that pays tribute to René Lévesque and another to aboriginal peoples.

Inside this small building, there are both books for toddlers and others for older children, as well as ;a collection of books on René Lévesque, to mark the centenary of his birth, and books written by Aboriginal people.

To also pay homage to these people, who still held the territory where we are, it is their territory, supports Ms. Patenaude.

Marielle Patenaude explains that she was inspired by what is done in France, as well as in Tadoussac, to create her beach library.

I thought it was good, there were several towns near the water that offered that, a beach library, and then I said: "Wow! it's a good idea”, says the instigator.

“When I was young, I would have really liked having that, a little cabin where I could take refuge, go dream a little. »

— Marielle Patenaude, instigator of the beach library in Godbout

A notebook that she leaves in her little cabin allows her to know the ;origin of those who visit the beach library and collect their comments. There are people from Godbout who left a note, saying that they were very happy, she rejoices.

There was a little girl who was at the campsite de l'Estuaire who wrote: “My summer was very flat, but since I saw that there was a beach library, it's great”, adds Marielle Patenaude laughing.


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