The Golden State Warriors, new NBA champions


    The Golden State Warriors , new NBA champions

    Steph Curry returned this Thursday the glory to the Golden State Warriors, by leading them with 34 points and six three-pointers towards the 103-90 triumph at the Boston Celtics' field that was worth a victory. the seventh title of the NBAof the Californian franchise, the fourth in the last eight years.

    It had to be Curry, the man who changed his life. Warriors history, putting his signature on a new title for Steve Kerr's team, this time against some Boston Celticswho saw the dream of conquering their eighteenth crown vanish. After triumphs in 1947, 1956, 1975, 2015, 2017 and 2018, the Warriors added a new Larry O'Brien trophy to their record and they did it on the road, at the TD Garden, >on one of the most glorious stages in the NBA.

    “I'm happy for everyone, but about Steph…” Warriors coach Steve Kerr. “It is that without him, all this would not happen, and that does not detract from the merits of the board for the team he built. But Steph is the only reason why all this For me it's the icing on the cake of an already incredible career.”

    Curry, chosen as Finals MVP for the first time in his career, guided his team with 34 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists, supported by the 18 points of Andrew Wigginsand a double-double of 12 points and 12 rebounds from Draymond Green.

    The Warriors knocked down some Celtics in which Jayson Tatum did not pass. of the 13 points, 3 rebounds and 7 assists. The 34 points from Jaylen Brown and the double-double of 19 points and 14 rebounds from the Dominican Al Horford were not enough for the Ime Udoka < /strong>Could force Game 7 of the series.

    “This is going to hurt for a while, it will probably never go away,” he admitted. The Celtics coach in the press room. “We can learn from this, grow from this, take this experience and see if there is another level to reach.”

    Warriors' reaction

    And that the match could not better start for the Celtics, with a 14-2 boosted by triples from Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, and with two early fouls by Klay Thompson, which forced Kerr's timeout. Based on intense defense and good shooting percentages, the Celtics interpreted Udoka's plan in the best way, but not for long. The Warriors knew how to manage the bad start, limiting the negative partial, and they came out between the final stretch of the first period and the beginning of the second with a devastating 21-0 that changed the score. radically the face of the party.

    The signal was given by Draymond Green,whose percentages in triples does not exceed 30%, when connecting the first three-point basket of the four consecutive of the Warriors. Curry, who had interrupted a streak of four consecutive years scoring at least one triple per game three days ago, broke his career. His, brief, drought, and Poole and Wiggins prolonged the partial until the hard 37-22. It was a psychological blow that knocked everyone off center. to those of Boston, who fell back into their nightmare, the lost balls. They already accumulated thirteen at the break, with a disadvantage that touched the 21 points in the 54-33before, with Brown in charge, the Celtics cut it to 15 to return to the locker room.

    The Celtics' turnover data and the Warriors' excellent ensemble performance sent clear messages. Those from San Francisco already had four players above ten points in 24 minutes: Curry and Thompson added 12, Poole, 11 and Wiggins< /strong>, 10. In addition, Green dominated in the paint with 7 rebounds and already dished out 5 assists.

    Curry accelerates, Horford responds

    Green himself opened, in the third period, an authentic festival of triples with which the Warriors again escaped to a 22-point lead at 72-50. Horford scored. three consecutive triples for the Celtics, but Porter Jr, with two, and Curry, with another two, the last of which from long distance, frustrated Udoka's attempts.

    However, this was not enough to bring down the competitive soul of the greens. In particular that of Horford, who with a masterful play of three points awarded the desperate push of the Celtics and cut the margin up to nine points (74-65). The Dominican, idol of the local fans, also sealed his victory. a tremendous blow and celebrated it showing his muscles to a Garden that came back to get fully involved in the game. Ten points (76-66) was the lead to defend for the Warriors in the last period to become champions.

    Curry's sentence

    < p>The Kerr managed to maintain their advantage, not allowing the Celtics to get closer., although Curry and Thompson repeatedly forgave, from the perimeter, the blow that could be definitive. That forced them to suffer until the end, whenJaylen Brownplaced the Celtics eight points away. It was necessary to remain lucid and Draymond Green and Curry, with great insight, managed to dampen the enthusiasm of the Garden, in which Horford was the last to surrender.

    three minutes from time, when Curry, from a corner, connected the triple of 96-81, to reach 30 points. The Celtics fans began to leave the stands. The Curry game would end with 34 points, and the Warriors, pushed by their brightest star, returned to the Olympus of basketball.


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