The government is introducing new tools to determine the state of our property. The new obligation will cost up to PLN 1,000

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The ruling party is consistently implementing the plan to collect as much information as possible.

 The government introduces new tools to determine the status of our property. The new obligation will cost up to PLN 1000

Nothing can disappoint a citizen as much as political, unfulfilled promises or realizing that our trust has been abused. It is no secret that the last compulsory national census raised a lot of controversy and concern to many citizens, which has proven to be right over time.

The new provision will cover an even greater number of building owners

As it turns out, the ruler, having a clear picture of what we have and in what quantity, is able to plan further regulations and draft laws that fit perfectly in the possibility of introducing the next stages of collecting information and finding new sources of financing holes in the budget.

For some time, the media has been trumpeting about the new law that is to enter into force next spring. The new regulations will hit the pockets of many owners of buildings and residential constructions, on which another obligation is imposed, which is associated with the cost of between 400 and 1000 PLN.

There are also very painful financial penalties for avoiding this obligation. It is an energy performance certificate, which is a document required for newly erected buildings, as well as those that are several years old. In the spring of 2023, however, the rulers will want to enforce the same document also from owners of older buildings.

As we can guess, in the current situation and in the face of the famous act on the protection of citizens, providing the government with a document describing, inter alia, the demand for energy that is present in our real estate property may give politicians further opportunities to complete the next steps in the global global change plan.

As we remember, energy performance certificates were introduced in 2009 and they involved the involvement of design professionals who prepared the required documents on an ongoing basis during the execution of the building design. Now we learn that people covered by government news will have to find a company certified in this area, which has been placed on a special list by the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy.

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