The Government of Meloni reactivates the fight against the NGOs that rescue migrants at sea

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The Government of Meloni reactivates the fight against the NGOs that rescue migrants in the sea

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The NGOs that rescue migrants at sea are once again the epicenter of conflict in Italy. Matteo Piantedosi, the new Italian Minister of the Interior, a former public official close to Matteo Salvini, has started his mandate with the threat of Prohibit the entry into Italian territorial waters of two humanitarian ships currently in the Mediterranean sea and with some 300 shipwrecked persons on board

With a directive that de factoconstitutes the first public executive measure of the Government of Giorgia Meloni, Piantedosi has set his sights on a ship with a German and a Norwegian flag, with a maneuver that has come even before the completion of the investiture of the far-right leaderin the Transalpine Parliament. A signal whose exact scope is not yet known, but which indicates that the League, Meloni's partner party together with Forza Italia, wants to once again impose a strategy of confrontation< /strong> in immigration matters, as analysts had predicted.

The ships involved are the German ship 'Humanity One' and the Norwegian ship 'Ocean Viking', owned by the oenegé. European Union SOS Méditerranée. Both have been accused by Piantedosi of not respecting “the spirit of European standardsand Italian authorities” in matters of “border security and control to combat illegal immigration.” The accusation has been transmitted to both the Italian port captaincies and the embassies of both European countries.

Furthermore, the new minister has also assured that he is studying the possibility of “prohibiting No entry into territorial waters” of the two ships in a decision that Salvini has celebrated

“Well the intervention of the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, in relation to n with two NGOs. As we promised, this Government will respect the rules and borders”, commented the leader of the League. On Tuesday, Meloni herself suggested, in her first speech before the Italian Congress, that she will ask the Unió A European Union that participates in carrying out a joint mission to block the departure of migrants from Africa.