The government wants to improve the health care of those in the country illegally


STM: “Adults would have the right to receive certain necessary, non-urgent health services in addition to urgent care.” -olevien-terveydenhuoltoa-7f09105.jpg” alt=”The government wants to improve the health care of those in the country illegally” />

Midwife Janita and a patient at the Global Clinic for undocumented immigrants. Archive photo from 2015. Jenni Gä[email protected] at 9:31

Sanna Marinin(sd) the government wants to improve the health care of people who are in the country illegally, i.e. undocumented persons and people in a similar situation, and to clarify the related legislation.

The government issued a related bill on Thursday.

According to the proposal, adults would have the right to receive certain necessary non-urgent health services in addition to urgent care.

– The necessity of these needs and services should always be assessed by a healthcare professional based on the patient's individual situation, taking into account his state of health and the duration of his stay in Finland, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health's (STM) press release states. services related to pregnancy and childbirth, certain services related to the treatment of long-term illnesses and certain health checks, vaccinations and treatment necessary due to infectious diseases.

Minors would have the right to receive health care services to the same extent as those minors who have a place of residence in Finland .

According to the proposal, the persons receiving the treatment would primarily be responsible for all the costs incurred from the treatment themselves. Secondarily, the state would reimburse the costs for welfare areas in excess of the customer fee.

Pressure from the UN

The government justifies its proposal with pressure from the UN.

– Based on the UN human rights treaties, states have an obligation to ensure the right to health equally for all persons in their territory. The supervisors of human rights treaties have drawn attention to the fact that the current legislation in Finland does not adequately guarantee the right of individuals to health, STM's press release states.

According to STM, the proposed amendment to the law would better protect the human rights treaties binding Finland than at present. and the right to essential care and adequate health services mandated by the national constitution.

Affects thousands of people

According to the STM's estimate, there are around 3,000–6,000 people who are illegally in the country without papers or in a situation similar to being undocumented. p>

– The proposal would concern persons who are staying in Finland without a residence permit or visa and persons who are in Finland with a temporary residence permit without a home municipality. The proposal would also apply to citizens of an EU or EEA state and Switzerland who are not insured in another EU country or who do not have a domicile in Finland, as well as their family members, STM's announcement lists.

According to STM, the proposal would not apply to persons staying in Finland for a short period of time or to persons who travel to Finland with the sole purpose of using health services here.

The law is intended to enter into force on January 1, 2023.

Editorial text: The Ministry of the Interior's report on those without residence permits ends up in the trash 15.2.2022 15:37


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