The Government will honor the Ambassador of Afghanistan for his role in the evacuation

The Government will honor the Ambassador of Afghanistan for his role in the evacuation

The Government will honor the Ambassador of Afghanistan for his role in the evacuation

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, and the former leader of Unió Josep Antoni Duran Lleida.

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albares, announced this Friday that on September 28, on the anniversary of the final point of the Kabul evacuation, the Government will honor the Ambassador to Afghanistan, Gabriel Ferran, and the rest of the ministry personnel who collaborated in this mission. Albares made the announcement during the inauguration of the leadership program of the European Academy Leadership (AEL), at the headquarters of Foment del Treball.

After the recent partial reopening of the Kabul airport and the statements of the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, this week in Strasbourg assuring that each country should take responsibility for its collaborators, the minister has assured that Spain will not leave “anyone behind”. Even so, Albares has not provided figures for the collaborators who are still waiting to be evacuated from the Central Asian country since doing so “would be irresponsible.” “Putting figures, giving names or places where they are would put them in danger“, has assured.

Barely a week after the minister’s recent visit to Pakistan and Qatar, major allies of the Taliban in the region, Albares has defended that he will continue to “demand the respect for the human rights of the Taliban, especially of women and girls. ”

The challenges of the EU

Asked if the pact between the US, the UK and Australia known as AUKUS is an offense for Europe, the minister has assured that “it is further proof that the EU needs a strategic autonomy which of course has to be in the defense sector, but it must go much further. united and we have to decide when it is a partner actor or a rival or challenge for the EU, “he said.

As for the alleged Russian interference, after the decision taken this Thursday by the European Parliament to investigate whether the contacts between Russia and Carles Puigdemont’s environment threatened the stability of the EU, Albares has ensured that he fully subscribes to the resolution of the European Parliament. “There are external forces to Europe that they will always look for moments of tension and weaknesses in our democracies to weaken both the European construction and the democracy of Europe “, he assured.” What we Europeans have to do is stick together and stand firm in defense of European construction “, he has settled.

On the other hand, Albares has assured that the Government is committed to “revitalizing” all cooperation processes with Morocco after the recent diplomatic crisis experienced between both countries. “Increasingly, our prosperity is linked to the development of the North African region,” he added. “This should help us to redouble our cooperative efforts,” he said.

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