The Green Party of Quebec prefers a metro to the tramway | Elections Quebec 2022


The Green Party of Quebec prefers a metro to the tram | &Elections Quebec 2022

The Green Party of Quebec would prefer to see the capital's structuring transportation network built underground.

Opponents of the Quebec tramway received major new support on Monday as the leader of the Green Party of Quebec (PVQ) took advantage of his visit to the capital to denounce “a project that lacks ambition and x27;negative ecological impact”.

PVQ leader Alex Tyrrell shares the view of Quebec deserves better, the organization that recently tried to derail the streetcar project in Supreme Court.

Mr. In particular, Tyrrell advocates for a metro, a sustainable means of underground transport that would have no impact on the surface environment.

Alex Tyrrell has been leader of the Green Party of Quebec since 2013.

The tramway project has some merits, but it does not measure up to what a green government would like to see as a public transport solution for the Capitale-Nationale region, he said during the nomination of a party candidate Monday noon.

Mr. Tyrrell is particularly against the cutting of several hundred very mature trees, important for the city, and the traffic problems that he thinks will cause the sharing of the road between the users of the tram and the car drivers.

“With a metro, there would be a few trees cut down, but the amount of trees would be much less than what you would expect. you can see with the Quebec tramway. »

— Alex Tyrrell, Leader of the Green Party of Quebec

We believe that Quebec has all the means necessary to build an underground metro, here in this city, adds Mr. Tyrrell. The Montreal metro was built in the 1960s, and it seems that today a project of this magnitude would be almost impossible. Why can't people today give themselves the same ambitions?, he asks.

The exit of the leader of the PVQ greatly pleases Quebec City deserves better. The group now receives the support of the Conservative Party of Quebec, often described as on the right on the Quebec political spectrum, and that of the PVQ, more on the left.

Donald Charette, from the Quebec group deserves better

We are very happy that a party whose vocation is the environment is giving its support to Quebec City deserves better, said the spokesperson for the group Donald Charette.

“We defend the environment in Quebec City. »

—Donald Charette, spokesperson for Québec deserves better

Donald Charette wants the tramway project to become one of the main issues in the next provincial election campaign.

It has to become the question of the ballot box or at least a major issue in the Quebec region. We are talking about a 4 billion project that is turning the lives of people in Quebec upside down, underlines the former journalist.

About ten days ago, the Superior Court rejected the request for a provisional injunction from Quebec deserves better, which wanted to temporarily suspend the work of the tramway. The latter will therefore be able to continue until the court considers the substance of the matter.

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">Guy Bertrand accompanied by several citizens of Quebec deserves better during the request for a provisional injunction made to the Superior Court.

According to l& #x27;current schedule, work on the project will begin in 2023 and continue until 2028.

With the collaboration of Raphaël Beaumont-Drouin

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