The Haunted Mansion: the Disney remake is paying for an increasingly promising cast


After Owen Wilson, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson and LaKeith Stanfield, Disney's The Haunted Mansion is adding even more beautiful people to the cast.

In 2003, Disney had a huge success with Pirates of the Caribbean, the adaptation of the Pirate Ship, one of the attractions of its theme park. The same year, the studio also suffered the failure of the film The Haunted Mansion and the 999 ghosts, inspired by another carousel. But with the recent release of Jungle Cruise, fashion seems to be reignited with another ongoing project, the remake dubbed The Haunted Mansion, without Eddie Murphy, but with some good looks. casting world.

The story written by Katie Dippold will follow Gabbie, a single mother, and her nine-year-old son as they seek to start a new life after moving into a surprisingly inexpensive mansion in New Orleans. Unsurprisingly, they discover that the place is haunted. Desperate for help, they contact a priest who, in turn, enlists the help of a widowed scientist-turned-paranormal expert, a French Quarter psychic, and a grumpy historian to exorcise the mansion. /p>

We really don't see why people preferred Pirates of the Caribbean

The film directed by Justin Simien (Dear White People, Bad Hair) will be worn by Rosario Dawson who will play Gabbie, Chase Dillon who will lend his features to his son, but also Owen Wilson (the priest), by Danny DeVito ( grumpy historian), LaKeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish or even Kurt Yue. According to Entertainment Weekly, two other actors who need no introduction have more recently joined the increasingly star-studded cast.

Jamie Lee Curtis thus landed an unknown role. After settling accounts once and for all with Michael Myers in Halloween Ends and joining the upcoming adaptation of Borderlands, the actress will escape or play ghosts one alongside Jared Leto. If he is often mocked and had the misfortune to chain the Snyder Cut (in his unloved role of Joker), the pitiful House of Gucci and the shameful Morbius, Hollywood's angel of darkness is far from a scam and has already proven itself.

Jared Leto in Morbius a bad patch

He certainly won't win a second Oscar after Dallas Buyers Club, but this next more turned role towards comedy might cheer him up a bit and give him a boost in popularity. Or push it a little deeper, but we might as well stay optimistic while we still can. However, we will have to wait a while, as the project is only in pre-production, with no release or filming date.


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