The heat comes: the UN has warned of the impending danger to humanity

Жара наступает: в ООН предупредили о грядущей опасности для человечества

The United Nations continues to sound the alarm, trying to warn mankind of impending climate catastrophe. So, the world meteorological organization (WMO) announced that the current decade may be the hottest in history.

The worrying warning came on Tuesday, 3 December, during the UN Climate conference in Madrid, reports Deutsche Welle.

“We are not on track to achieve the goals of the Paris agreement. If we do not take urgent measures against climate then we will move to the temperature rise more than three degrees by the end of the century”, — said the Secretary General petteri Taalas.

According WMО, as of the end of October, the average global temperature was 1.1 degrees Celsius higher than at the end of the pre-industrial era in the late 18th century. Therefore, 2019 will be the second or third hottest year on record.

The organization also confirmed that last year the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached a record level and continues to grow this year.

As you know, the climate conference in Madrid, it is planned to discuss the implementation of the terms of the Paris agreement on climate protection, signed in 2015. Then, 190 countries have committed themselves to take measures in order to prevent global warming. The main objective identified in the Paris agreement — to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. They are the cause of global climate change.

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