The heating season 2022/2023 could already start. People freeze in their own apartments. When the cooperatives start to heat

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Nothing is more upsetting than being at the will and decision of other people …

 The heating season 2022/2023 is about to start. People freeze in their own apartments. ; sands will start to heat

This is what happens when we decide to connect to the municipal heating sources, which are activated during the so-called heating season. As it turns out, radiators in apartments in Poland are still cold, and people are freezing under their own roof.

Helpless residents of many housing estates complain about low temperatures

It is no secret that the start of the heating season depends on the decision of the owners of housing cooperatives. Premises connected to district heating must wait for warm radiators until the start of the heating season, which occurs at different times in each of the houses.

It depends on the decisions of the cooperative, as well as on several other factors. It may happen that the heating is turned on at the request of frozen residents, or when the outside temperature drops so much that the temperature in the apartments drops below the minimum 20 degrees Celsius in rooms and 24 degrees Celsius in bathrooms.

This, however, may be disturbed by EU energy saving ideas, according to which we will be punished for reaching temperatures above 19 degrees Celsius in our apartments and houses. In addition, it should be remembered that many prefer to wait longer before turning on the heating, because according to the announcements of the rulers, the upcoming heating season is to be thievingly expensive. Many will rather live with a fungus on the walls and spend money on drugs than try to get reasonable heating.

But there are some who refuse to let others decide whether or not to freeze in their own homes – I'm shivering when I get out of the bathtub. It shouldn't be like that! – thunders one of Toruń's inhabitants.

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