The Highland Park shooting was planned for a long time


The Highland Park shooting was planned for a long time

FBI agents scrutinized the scene of crime under the magnifying glass Tuesday morning.

The perpetrator of the killing committed Tuesday in the suburbs of Chicago during a parade for the celebration of the #x27;American Independence planned its attack “for weeks” and disguised itself as a woman to better conceal itself in the crowd, local police said Tuesday.

The attack was carried out with an automatic weapon similar to an AR-15 that had been purchased legally, Lake County Sheriff's Office Deputy Chief Chris Covelli said in an early press briefing. #x27;afternoon. More than 70 bullets were fired by the killer.

Six people died and thirty others were injured when the alleged killer, Robert Crimo, opened the fire from the roof of a local business towards the crowd gathered in this considered peaceful north Chicago suburb for the traditional 4th of July parade.

L' The 21-year-old remains in custody pending his court appearance, which is expected in the next few hours.

No motive has yet been established for the killings, Mr. Covelli. However, it appears that the man opened fire randomly on the crowd, without specifically targeting a religious or ethnic group. His disguise then helped him blend in with the crowd.

More details to come.


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