The historical building of the Capitol theatre will be converted into a condo (PHOTOS)

Историческое здание театра Capitol будет переделано в кондо (ФОТО)

The building in Midtown Toronto, which about a century, will undergo major changes.

Capitol theatre, located just a few buildings from Eglinton on Yonge St, 2500., was this place ever since, as in 1918, there began to show a silent movie.

In 1998 Capitol closed its doors as a cinema and has undergone innovations over 2 million dollars after it had been saved from demolition.

Then the building began to be and it was renamed the Capitol Event Theatre, and in this role so far (but that will soon change).

A proposal to build a 21-storey condominium that will be associated with the historical heritage of the Capitol Theatre, was signed in 2018, but only now it began to move.

The new proposal now includes a plan for 14-storey buildings with 150 condo inside.

The historic facade of the century-old buildings, lobbies and theatrical elements and design solutions that remained after the renovation in 1946, will remain.

Locals only worried this year that the new reconstruction will change the appearance of the building so that it will no longer look good in the area.

At the stage of signing of the agreement will need city authorities to give the land to the construction company Madison Group. If this happens, the earth along Duplex Avenue will be provided to the town in exchange for land of the same size from the Toronto Parking Authority.

The building is scheduled to make 40 one-bedroom apartments, 65 two-bedroom and 45 two-bedroom and the first floor to pay for shops.

The proposal will be considered in mid-December.

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