The Hollywood actor made a huge surprise to his fans. This sort of thing happens extremely rarely. Keanu Reeves showed real class

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The American starlet came to the wedding. The young couple did not expect such a turn of events.

 The Hollywood actor made a huge surprise to his fans. Such a thing happens extremely rarely. Keanu Reeves showed a real class

Usually, movie, TV or music stars don't have many opportunities to meet their fans closely. There are, however, exceptions. Keanu Reeves, known from the series & ldquo; Matrix & rdquo; is considered one of the most sympathetic actors. or & ldquo; John Wick & rdquo ;.

Portal & ldquo; o2 & rdquo; reports that the star has recently surprised his fans a lot and appeared at their wedding.

An unforgettable surprise

James and Nikki Roadnight told about everything. They organized their wedding in one of the hotels in Northamptonshire, England.

As it turns out, the hotel guest was there also Keanu Reeves, who was filming a documentary with the Disney + crew and there he was noticed by the groom.

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