The Idol: sex, drugs and pop in the teaser for The Weeknd's series


The Weeknd and Sam Levinson's HBO series, The Idol, is unveiled in a supercharged first teaser.

After a chaotic second season of Euphoriawho did not fail to disconcert some spectators with his radical turn, this good Sam Levinson is once again preparing to turn our guts, brains and souls upside down with a new series made for HBO , The Idol. Spread over six episodes, this new creation from the filmmaker behind Assassination Nation and Malcolm & Marie was also created by Reza Fahim and artist-composer The Weeknd.


It will follow the strange romantic relationship between a pop singer (played by Lily Rose Depp) and the owner of a club (played by The Weeknd), also leader of a secret cult. A cocaine dive behind the scenes of the world of music in Los Angeles, The Idol has plenty to excite lovers of the filmmaker. While waiting for a first real trailer, HBO recently unveiled a first teaser:

These first images of The Idol are punctuated by the song of Justice, Planishère, and by the voice of a kind of coach who will dictate to who-knows-only-too-who indications sexual. A very pretty program which comes to dress up an intriguing orgy of images which connects with the same emphatic madness of editing shots of large villas, naked dances, wads of banknotes, more or less hard drugs and more or less large weapons.

Then, a brief exchange between The Weeknd and Lily Rose Depp pauses this succession of images for a while and sets the tone of this series in one line of dialogue. artificiality and excesses of the entertainment world. Nothing new under the sun, but an exuberance that will potentially find a logical connection with Sam Levinson's directing, with its neon lights, compound frames and hallucinatory effects.

A hell of a program , therefore, which comes to pack and sublimate the magnetism of Lily Rose Depp. Alongside the actress, The Weeknd will once again star in the cast after starring in the brilliant Uncut Gems, directed by the Safdie brothers. Note that for this series, Sam Levinson has set aside his usual cinematographer, Marcell Rév, who had worked with him on Assassination Nation and Malcolm & Marie, in favor of 'Arseni Khachaturan.

As a reminder, actress and producer Amy Seimetz was associated for some time with the production of all six episodes of The Idol< /strong>, before leaving the project and Sam Levinson taking the reins when he was only to be a producer of the series. The Idol does not yet have a release date, neither in France nor in the United States.


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