The inhabitants of one of the Polish cities witnessed an unusual phenomenon. Few will ever have a chance to see them with their own eyes


The inhabitants of Wrocław had the opportunity to see a very rare phenomenon.

 The inhabitants of one of the Polish cities witnessed an extraordinary phenomenon. Few will have a chance to see them with their own eyes.

How gives the portal “O2”, an unusual phenomenon could be observed over the capital of the Lower Silesian voivodeship. It was the red rainbow, which is an extremely rare phenomenon – so much so that hardly anyone will be able to see it live.

Red rainbow over Wrocław

One of the residents of Wrocław sent a photo of this unusual phenomenon to the “Your Weather” portal. We are used to the multi-colored arc of the rainbow. In this case, only one color will appear in the sky – red. The photograph of the one-color rainbow was taken on Monday, July 11th, this year.

A rainbow is a scattering phenomenon of visible light rays that are scattered and refracted in a raindrop. Therefore, we can see a rainbow when we are dealing with fog or rainfall.

The mechanism of the formation of a red rainbow is practically the same as in the case of a multi-color rainbow. The only difference in her case is that we can observe it when the sun is very close to the horizon.

This determines the formation of a red rainbow

A red rainbow can only appear either at sunrise or at sunset. During the incidence of sunlight, it causes the colors of green, blue and yellow to diffuse into subsequent layers of the atmosphere. Red light has the longest wavelength, which makes it the longest to see.

To observe a red rainbow, beyond the right time of day, it is necessary to brighten as well as the presence of raindrops. The fact that all these conditions must be met at the same time, which means that the chances of seeing this phenomenon with your own eyes definitely decrease.

You once saw a red a rainbow?


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