The inhabitants of the village lost hope of being saved. At that time, the Mother of God appeared only to the children. What she passed on to them

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This story shows that one should not lose hope in mercy!

 The inhabitants of the village lost their hope of being saved. Our Lady appeared only to the children at that time. What she passed on to them

This story began on January 10, 1871. There was a war and France was devastated by the Franco-Prussian war.

Most of France was under Prussian occupation, and the return went as far as Laval, located in Normandy, France. The next place of conquest would probably be the settlement of Pontmain, some 48 km away.

The hope of salvation was broken like a soap bubble

In addition to the war, the whole area was engulfed by a typhus epidemic and smallpox was spreading. It must have seemed to be the worst time for those who lived there. On January 11, 1871, during the Battle of Le Mans, the Aurora Borealis put on a mysterious show that everyone was talking about.

Some felt she had foretold something that was about to happen. Moreover, around noon on January 17, an earthquake took place. People began to lose hope and began to feel that their prayers had not been answered & hellip; at least they were not heard. But little did they know that their world would change!

Nobody expected what was given to the children by Our Lady

On January 17, 1871, as darkness fell in the village, Our Lady appeared to the four children by the barn of the Barbadette family farm in Pontmain. Eugene, 12, and her brother J & oacute; zef, 10, were the first to see her in the sky. They described a beautiful lady in a navy blue dress covered with stars.

She wore a black veil with a golden crown on her head. Two little girls, Francoise Richer, 11, and Jeanne Marie LeBosse, 9, also saw her in the sky. A written message appeared on the large white banner that had unfolded under the feet of the Mother of God.

“Please, my children. B & oacute; g will reply soon”

People got the news that B&A has heard their prayers and will be responding to their needs soon. A single apparition lasted three hours. Within eleven days, Prussia mysteriously withdrew its troops. A truce was signed and the war is over & ndash; Pontmain and France were spared.

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