The International Triathlon Federation opens its women's competitions to transgender women


The International Triathlon Federation opens its women's competitions to transgender women

The International Triathlon Federation approved This Wednesday a new policy on transsexual women, who will be able to compete in women's events under certain conditions.

“To compete in triathlons at the elite or amateur level in the women's category, a transgender athlete must demonstrate that the concentration of testosterone in her blood has been below 2.5 nmol/l for at least 24 months,” said the World Triathlon, echoing the idea of ​​the UCI, which imposed this criterion on June 16.

That's not all : “At least 48 months must have passed since the last participation as a male of a transgender athlete in any athletic competition.”

These two criteria were established after a year-long consultation involving various committees (medical, legal, etc.) and the input of subject matter experts and members were solicited. of the transgender community, says the International Triathlon Federation.

“The policy we have just approved shows that our priority is to guarantee the principle of equality by being inclusive< /strong>“, said the President of the World Triathlon and member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Marisol Casado.

This policy “is It is completely in line with the recommendations of the IOC, and is similar to what other international federations have done in recent months”, added the President of the International Federation of Triathlon.

However, this The new rule runs counter to the decision taken by the British Triathlon Federation in early July to integrate transgender athletes into a new “open category”, modeled after the the International Swimming Federation.

The British triathlon chose for allowing only athletes who were “born female” competed in women's triathlons, becoming the first federation to close women's competitions to transgender women in the UK.

Previous decision

In November 2021, the IOC had preferred to leave the decision on the inclusion of transsexual women in sports competitions in the hands of each sport, alleging the lack of “scientific consensus”. I discuss the role of testosterone in performance in all sports.”

The issue of including transsexual women in sports competitions has gone beyond She has been in the sport ever since American transgender swimmer Lia Thomas won the 500-yard dash earlier this year.

Her college degree sparked controversy in the United States , where conservatives and progressives clash They took up the issue, before the debate crossed the Atlantic.


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