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The iPhone 12  is once again authorized for sale in France

Only a few weeks after its sale was banned by the French authorities, the iPhone 12 is once again authorized for sale. at the store. The latest update Apple's update seems to have resolved the problems of too powerful waves.

We only had to wait three weeks for Apple to react following this decision. France's decision to ban sales of iPhone 12 on its territory. This ban would have been suspended according to the Reuters news agency. The latest update The update proposed to iPhone 12 owners would indeed resolve the problem mentioned above. by the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) regarding excessively intense wave emissions on the smartphone.

As a reminder, it was in the middle of the Apple keynote on Tuesday September 12 that the news broke: the iPhone 12, released at the end of 2020, was withdrawn. sales on French territory. The various online distributors were also ordered to remove the phone from their various sales sites. The cause: a wave flow (also called DAS) judged to be excessive. too high by the ANFR.

The ANFR has rightly published a press release Friday on its official website. The latter indicates that the iPhone 12 now meets the sufficient conditions to be offered again. à sale on French territory. This follows on from an upgrade emergency day proposed by Apple a few days ago, and which would resolve the problems of the authorized SAR limit value. Once this update is complete, day offered at For all iPhone 12 owners, the phone will be authorized again. à sale in France.

Teilor Stone

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