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The iPhone 13 mini is on sale with the French Days

The French Days are in full swing. Several products are still on sale and this is the case of the iPhone 13 which saw its price drop during the event as well as with the release of the latest iPhone to date.

The iPhone 13 is once again on sale during the French Days. It is even still one of the most sought-after models on the web since the release of its very expensive successor, the iPhone 14 as well as the last iPhone 15. Different sales sites still offer the iPhone 13 on sale, but the best offer always seems to be on the Rakuten site.

Displayed At around 689 euros, the iPhone 13 establishes itself as one of the best quality/price ratios for those looking for a new smartphone running iOS. Compared à its base price of 809 euros, it would be a shame to fall for such a high price. !

The iPhone 13 mini is on sale with the French Days

Iphone 13 Mini

New à from €688.90; Used à from 480.00 €

  • Rakuten688.90 €See
  • Rue du Commerce963.10 €See
  • Rakuten688.90 €480.00 €View
  • Reconditioned649.00 €619.00 €View
  • Amazon809.00 €631.99 €See
  • Darty702.90 €See

The iPhone 13 does not This is not the latest phone from Apple. However, it still benefits from numerous updates. which make it reliable for several years.

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