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L 'iPhone 15 is already losing almost 100 euros on this site' /></p>
<p>Released only a few weeks ago, the iPhone 15 baby is already benefiting from this. some small promotions on certain online sales sites. Its best price allows you to save several dozen euros! </p>
<p>The iPhone 15 is the latest smartphone from Apple. Unveiled During a keynote conference at the beginning of September, the iPhone 15 surprised many fans in the tech sphere with its price. Apple has indeed revealed lower prices compared to; the previous generation, and there was no shortage of it. to get a reaction! Despite At these new prices, the iPhone 15 is already affordable. described as a nice evolution following the old iPhone 14.</p>
<p>If you want to go for the iPhone 15, you will notice that its base price is €969; at our place. However, it is possible to find the phone for less by going to certain merchants! This is the case of Rueducommerce and Rakuten which display the latest iPhone 15 for a few dozen euros less.</p>
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iPhone 15 Yellow 128 GB

New à from 898.98 €

  • Rakuten899.99 €See
  • Rue du Commerce898.98 €See
  • Fnac968.95 €See
  • Amazon999.00 €969.00 €See
  • Cdiscount969.00 €See
  • Leclerc969, 00 €View
  • Darty969.00 €View

    The iPhone 15 is already losing almost 100 euros on this site

    iPhone 15 Plus pink 128GB

    New à from 1099.00€ Used à from 1099.98 €

    • Rakuten1099.00 €See
    • Rue du Commerce1116.90 €See
    • Fnac1118.95 €See
    • Amazon1119.00 €See
    • Cdiscount1119.00 €See
    • Ubaldi1117.00 €See < /li>
    • Fnac1118.95 €1099.98 €See

    You could also ê be tempted You have to wait until Black Friday to hope to see promotions on the iPhone 15, but the probabilities are quite low. Apple is also not offering price reductions in its physical stores on its new iPhones. You will have to wait many more months if you plan to see promotions on the iPhone 15 in stores.

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