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The iPhone SE 4 hasn't been released, but it already has a big flaw

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At the moment, we do not know when Apple will launch its next mid-range smartphone. And some sources suggest it won't happen this year. But in any case, the SellCell site has just published an article that would make anyone waiting for the iPhone SE 4 think twice. While the media is already speculating about its technical sheet, SellCell has instead relied on the ability the iPhone SE 4 might have to retain its value.

Specializing in the resale of smartphones, it focused on retaining the value of previous iPhone SE models. And the observation is that compared to premium iPhones, the values ​​of iPhone SEs drop more quickly over time.

“On average, The iPhone SE 3 lost 23.9% more than the iPhone 13 range in one month after its launch. After three months, this figure was 28.4% more depreciation. Compared to the iPhone 14 series, the SE3 lost 9.5% more in value in one month, and after three months, it had lost 17.2% more than the iPhone 14 series. iPhone 14”, says SellCell.

Finally, a different design?

Obviously, there are other criteria to take into account when purchasing a new smartphone. But, based on historical data, SellCell thinks the iPhone SE 4 might not be a good investment for those thinking of reselling. However, one of the advantages of the iPhone, compared to models from other brands, is precisely the ability that Apple products have, in general, to retain their values.

< p>But, obviously, things could be different with the iPhone SE 4. Currently, Apple no longer offers an affordable smartphone: the last iPhone SE was released in 2022 and the firm has put an end to the iPhone “ mini”. So, it is possible that the demand will be high when Apple releases the iPhone SE 4.

In addition, regarding the design, the firm could reserve us good surprises. According to rumors, Apple will finally abandon the old iPhone 8-style design, in favor of a more modern look close to the design of the iPhone 14.

  • Studying the data on the loss of value of previous models, the SellCell site indicates that the iPhone SE 4 might not be a very good investment for those who intend to resell it later
  • Indeed, the values ​​of the iPhone SE 2 and iPhone SE 3 fell very quickly, compared to the values ​​of Apple's premium models
  • According to rumors, the iPhone SE 4 could arrive next year, with a modern design similar to that of the iPhone 14

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