The Italian Parliament opens the legislature with tensions on the right

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The Italian Parliament inaugurates the legislature with tensions on the right

The Italian Parliament< /strong> has a bad press, it is a fairly widespread feeling especially outside of Italy. This Thursday, the day of the first meeting of that chamber after the elections of September 25, will not be the day that denies that feeling. “Go drink for…”. In this way, the elderly Silvio Berlusconi, leader of Forza Italia, has addressed the co-founder of Brothers of Italy, the far-right Ignazio La Russa, shortly before the vote in which he was elected (with 116 votes in favor, out of 200) as president of the Senate.

It was the signal The most resounding so far of the difficulties of Giorgia Meloni. More and more people believe that the path of the leader of the Brothers of Italy to form the new Italian Government is very uphill and that the problems can not only come from the League of Matteo Salvini, the second most important member of the right-wing coalition that won the Italian elections. Proof is that, beyond In response to Berlusconi's outburst, Forza Italia also opted. for not giving his vote to La Russa, a former minister whose father was a member of the ranks of Fascist Party of Benito Mussolini.

A brawl over the usual issue: the distribution of seats of power. Berlusconi – who has re-entered Parliament today after a 9-year absence – is not in the room. according to the progress of the negotiations with his political allies. In particular, according to the Italian press, the former Cavaliere would be disturbed by the distributionbetween the League and Brothers of Italy of the presidenciesof both houses of Parliament. And also one of his disciples, Lucia Ronzulli, would have been excluded from the Government team.

 The Italian Parliament opens the legislature with tensions on the right

The survivor of the Nazi death camp

Still, Berlusconi chose finally for saving the furniture and, after his outburst, he said he was “pleased” by La Russa's appointment. “We are collaboratingloyally and in total agreement to give our country stable institutions and a strong and cohesive government,” tweeted the conservative politician, who had already been chosen as his political partner. The only tense moment of the day: Due to her advanced age, Senator for Life Liliana Segre, survivor of the Nazi death camp Birkenau (Germany), had to temporarily chair the first session. ;n of the new Parliament and to open the 19th Italian legislature.Something that the old senator did not miss to remember that This month marks the centenary of the March on Rome (1922), the episode that at the time marked the the end of the parliamentary system and the beginning of the fascist regime.

“It is impossible not to feel a kind of vertigo when remembering that girl who on a day like this in 1938, heartbroken and lost, was forced by racist lawsto leave his (primary school) desk empty,” said Segre, before handing over the presidency of the Senate to La Russa, whose full name includes the appellatives Benito MarĂ­a, in open reference “The date of the birth of the Kingdom of Italy (when the country was a monarchy) sooner or later should be a holiday,” commented La Russa.

More surprises, however, may come in the next few days, including this Friday, the day in which the deputies will have to continue voting to elect the new president of the Italian Congress, after no candidate managed to prevail in the first three votes on Thursday.The suspicion is that the buying and selling of parliamentarians An indication was given by the same vote that the Senate gave to La Russa , in which, according to analysts' calculations, at least 17 opposition senatorsvoted in favor of the far-rightist.