The Japanese way of washing white clothes without powder


    July 13, 2022, 18:38 | Science and technology

    Products will become snow-white and fresh.

    Japanese method of washing white clothes without powder

    < p>Washing in a washing machine does not always help to completely restore the cleanliness of kitchen towels. Products that should be perfectly white often remain yellowish, informs Ukr.Media.

    In addition, the use of washing powder is not a guarantee that towels will return to freshness: very often things continue to be a source of unpleasant odor even after washing.< /p>

    For this reason, many housewives prefer to clean products differently.

    Effectiveness demonstrates the method that is popular in Japan. The method involves abandoning the use of powder and using more natural means.

    The essence of the Japanese method

    Washing "by- Japanese" consists of two stages. First, the towels must be placed in a hot liquid.

    At the moment when you immerse the products in the water, there should already be three additional components.

    This is dry mustard (2 tbsp. .), vegetable oil (1 tablespoon) and vinegar (1/2 tablespoon). The specified ingredients should be used for 10 liters of high-temperature liquid.

    Pre-treatment of towels should last about 12 hours. That is how long things should be in the prepared solution.

    The second stage of washing consists in rinsing the products. Towels just need to be treated with water. Moreover, first you need to use a cold liquid, and then a hot one.

    The result of the above-described actions should be the removal of all impurities and the transformation of a yellow and stale towel into a snow-white one that smells perfectly.


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