The journalist of “Newsweek” broke the silence. “It was me who notified HR and the trade unions.” Tomasz Lis referred to her words


The echoes of Tomasz Lis's dismissal from “Newsweek” continue.

 The journalist of

As the “Pomponik” portal reminds us, at the end of May Tomasz Lis was dismissed from the post of editor-in-chief of “Newsweek”. This information caused a lot of confusion, the more so that the reason for the journalist's dismissal was not given. It soon became clear that the journalist's inappropriate behavior towards his subordinates was behind his dismissal. More details of the case have been released.

A big surprise

After the media circulated the information that Tomasz Lis had ceased to be the chief editor of “Newsweek”, there was a lot of support in the media for the journalist. Soon after, a text by Szymon Jadczak was published, from which we learned about Lis' inappropriate behavior towards subordinates.

Lis was accused of mobbing and inappropriate behavior towards employees. The new head of “Newsweek”, Tomasz Sekielski, confirmed that after talking to journalists of the weekly, he had no doubts that the editorial office had a “toxic atmosphere”. Sekielski added that there were people who did not experience any negative behavior from Tomasz Lis.

“Press” about Lis leaving

The issue of the departure of Tomasz Lis was also raised by the industry “Press”. From the article in it, we learn that no one stood up for Tomasz Lis and did not intend to protest against the decision to dismiss him.

“He thought he was untouchable,” one Newsweek journalist said anonymously. Lisa's co-workers said that he was convinced that he knew everything best and that if it weren't for him, “Newsweek Polska” would not have mattered much.

 The journalist of

It was she who reported Tomasz Lis' behavior

Renata Kim admitted to the HR department to report Tomasz Lis's behavior. In an entry in social media, she thanked Tomasz Sekielski that he listened to them and showed exceptional understanding.

Kim's entry was referenced by Tomasz Lis. “Not every denunciation contains facts, not every accusation is objective truth” – he wrote.

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