The Kardashian clan is worth billions of dollars. Who earns the most money among the members of the world's most popular celebrity family

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The famous Kardashianki and their loved ones earn a fortune. It is known who is worth the most.

 The Kardashian clan is worth billions of dollars. Who earns the most money from a member of the most popular celebrity family in the world

Portal & ldquo; Jastrząb Post & rdquo; reports that the Kardashian family is still doing great. Together, their quotes can be counted in billions of dollars, and even individual clan members are worth quite a lot.

The least popular is the brother of the famous si & oacute; p. Rob is worth around ten million. He gained most of his fortune thanks to his participation in the family's reality show and a line of socks he signed with his name.

Next up is Scott Disick with about $ 45 million. Kourtney's former partner earns money thanks to numerous businesses and promotional contracts. Kendall Jenner, the fourth of si & oacute; p, has a similar value. Much of her fortune is modeling career contracts.

Another person is Khloe Kardashian with around $ 60 million. In addition to appearing in a reality show, she has her own clothing line. The partner of the youngest si & oacute; str, Travis Scott, is to have a similar fortune. He is currently one of the most popular rapper in the US.

The oldest Kardashianka is worth about $ 65 million net worth. Kourtney is an influencer, producer and owner of the Poosh company.

Next is Caitlyn Jenner, the father of the two youngest boys. Her hundred million come from TV shows, public appearances and books about gender reassignment. Ex-wife Kris, who is the manager of her children, is worth 70 million more.

Kylie Jenner is on the lowest step of the podium. Her fortune is estimated at around $ 750 million thanks to her own cosmetics brand.

Kim Kardashian, who started the popularity of the whole family, came in second. She is worth around $ 1.4 billion thanks to her social media profile, numerous contracts and perfume brand.

Her ex-husband is considered the richest, but is still closely related to her family and is still considered a member. Kanye West boasts $ 6.6 billion. The rapper earns money from music and cooperation with Adidas and Gap Inc.

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