The King of Morocco invites the Algerian President to Rabat to “dialogue” on the bilateral relationship

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The King of Morocco invites the Algerian President to Rabat to

The King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, has invited the President of Algeria to Rabat, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to “maintain a dialogue” on the relationship between the two countries, as reported by the Moroccan minister. of Exteriors. A year ago the two Maghreb powers broke off diplomatic relations and are going through one of the most important crises in recent years. For now, the Algerian authorities have not responded to the invitation.

This gesture occurs in the midst of the Arab League summit in Algiers, to which the Moroccan monarch he was invited, but in the end he did not travel. “His Majesty has instructed us to tell the Algerian authorities that there is an open invitation to His Excellency the President (of Algeria) to come to Morocco and have a dialogue with the necessary preparations to guarantee its success” , stated from Algeria Nasser Bourita , head of Moroccan diplomacy.

According to Bourita, who has participated in the summit as a representative of the king, in Algiers the necessary conditions have not been produced for this high-level meeting to take place. The Algerian Foreign Minister, Ramtam Lamarra, explained In a television interview that Mohamed VI was expected to be received by Tebboune in the airport honors room, like the other heads of state participating in the summit.

A proposal that Bourita described as of “unusual, given the nature of the relationship.” The Moroccan minister manifested that “given the magnitude and importance of this meeting, it cannot be improvised in a hall of honors at the airport” and further preparation is needed. 

For now, there has been no official response from Algeriato the invitation launched by Mohamed VI. Several Algerian media have echoed. For example, the TSA newspaper that defends that “the Moroccan king continues his two-sided policy with Algeria.” In addition, he reproaches him for having refused to participate in the Arab League Summit and, at the same time, invited Tebboune to Rabat. 

It is not the first time that the Moroccan monarch & ı; he holds out his hand to his neighbor. In his speech on the occasion of the Feast of the Throne last July, Mohamed VI declared his determination or “to get out of this situation, consolidating rapprochement, communication and understanding between the two peoples.” He also spoke to work together with Algeria with the “aim of making both countries join hands to establish natural relations between two brother peoples.”

Diplomatic crisis

The dispute between Rabat and Algiers became evident. during the summer of 2021, when Algeria broke diplomatic relations with Morocco and accused him of of “hostile acts”. They also decided to close their space to any Moroccan aircraft. and not renewing the contract for the gas pipeline that circulated through Morocco before crossing the strait towards Spain, since the neighboring country was entitled to a percentage of the hydrocarbon. Since then, the relationship between countries has been reduced to the minimum expression and they have been involved in various controversies. Recently, the Moroccan authorities reproached Algeria for the fact that state television had modified the map of the Arab League to remove Western Sahara. 

< p>One of the points of greatest tension is the future of the former Spanish colony. Algeria is the main ally of the Front Polisario and calls for a self-determination referendum for Western Sahara. Morocco only contemplates granting this territory autonomy under its sovereignty. Another issue that bothered The Algerian authorities was the rapprochement between Morocco and Israel, which in addition to normalizing diplomatic relations, signed several cooperation agreements in military matters. Both countries also maintain a dispute for hegemony and influence in the region and the African continent.