The Kremlin called the negotiations on the grain deal constructive

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Kremlin calls grain deal talks constructive

Russia does not interfere with food supplies to world markets, says Dmitry Peskov.

Russia continues negotiations on the continuation of the grain deal. And last week's round turned out to be “constructive”. Kremlin speaker Dmitry Peskov said this at a briefing on Monday, November 14.

the prospects for extending the deal.

Peskov announced a part of the Russian interest in this deal, “which was originally an integral part of the whole mechanism,” and added that “last week there were quite constructive negotiations with the UN.”


Peskov also expressed the opinion that Russia does not interfere with food supplies to world markets.

“Russia, on the contrary, helps ensure that a small amount of the total volume of these supplies is carried out,” the Kremlin speaker said. And the vast majority of supplies from the total global volume has nothing to do with either Russia or Ukraine.”

As you know, Ukraine intends to extend the grain deal. Kyiv offered Turkey and the UN to extend the agreement for at least one year, as well as to expand it.

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