The Kremlin outlined a platform for negotiations with the United States

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Kremlin outlines platform for talks with US

Russia's position needs to be further explained United States in a “deeply philosophical way,” said Dmitry Peskov.

Negotiations between US Presidents Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin could take place if the American side wanted to listen to Moscow's concerns and return to discussing security guarantees. This was stated by the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov on the air of the Russia-1 TV channel, TASS reports on Sunday, October 30.

“The desire of the United States to listen to our concerns,” Peskov answered the question of what could become a platform for such negotiations. “That is, in fact, the desire of the United States to return to the state of December-January and ask the question: what the Russians are offering may not be everything suits us, but maybe we should still sit down at the negotiating table with them? I mean the draft documents that were submitted to both Brussels and Washington.

that Russia's position must continue to be explained to the United States “in an intelligible way.”


The Kremlin speaker believes that Russia offers negotiations “from a strong position”.

“No matter how they (in the West and in Ukraine – ed.) perceive it, they see the de facto situation, the de facto situation does not and cannot speak of our weakness,” Peskov said and expressed confidence that ” only a strong person can afford to extend the hand of peace and the hand of negotiations.”

“The President constantly says that he is open to the negotiation process, that is, it is always better to achieve your interests, ensuring your own security, at the negotiating table”, – summed up the representative of the Kremlin.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called Putin inadequate. According to him, Ukraine cannot negotiate with the current leadership of Russia.

As you know, on October 4, Zelensky signed a decree that excludes negotiations with Putin, but negotiations with Russia are possible.

< p> And last week the Kremlin said that Putin was always open to negotiations with Ukraine.

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