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The La Courneuve police station attacked: revenge ? What we know

Several individuals targeted the facade of the La Courneuve police station (Seine-Saint-Denis) with fireworks mortars this Sunday, March 17. Nine people were arrested. arrested and placed in custody view.

This Sunday, March 17, the La Courneuve police station (Seine-Saint-Denis) was raided. targeted around 10:50 p.m. by around "fifty individuals" having jeté fireworks mortars and projectiles on the police station, trash cans were also destroyed. set on fire in the evening. According to Paris police chief Laurent Nuñez, 9 people were killed. arrested as indicated this Monday on TF1, then placed in custody at view.

"These are probably individuals ' the origin of the attack on the police station" he said. Calm returned shortly before midnight, indicating on his side that BFMTV. "There was a strong reactivityé of the police and I want to congratulate them. We intervened immediately and we will continue à secure the sector" indicated this Monday morning, the Paris police prefect.

Acts of violence "to avenge Wanys" ?

La Courneuve is the subject of particular attention after the death, last Thursday, of young Wanys R, during a chase with the police &agrav; Aubervilliers. After a collision with a vehicle from the anti-crime brigade, (BAC) which was coming in the opposite direction, the young person had lost his life. On X (formerly Twitter), young people demanded the attack on the La Courneuve police station "to avenge Wanys" according to Le Parisien. Incidents have also broken out. &agrav; Creil (Oise). As a reminder, last Saturday, the Trappes police station (Yvelines) was also raided. targeted by mortar fire, always according to daily news. 

Additional forces deployed this Monday

Several videos clearly show mortar fire destination of the police station. Traffic on tram line T1 was reduced. interrupted between the stations La Courneuve – May 8, 1945 and Hôpital Delafontaine, explains the RATP. Traffic resumed around 2 a.m.

"We then ledé security operations around the police station which made it possible to extinguish a certain number of trash fires and disperse small groups & ;eacute;young people" indicated Laurent Nuñez. Additional assets such as mobile forces will be deployed this Monday, from "midday".

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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