The Lake: what is the new series worth on Prime Video? Our Verdict

  • The Lake: what is the new series worth on Prime Video? Our verdict< /p>

    Season 1 of The Lake is available on Prime Video. But is it worth seeing? We tell you everything here.

    This Friday, June 17, 2022 is a great day for series fans! Prime Video has just released 2 new releases. There's The Summer I Got Pretty, and The Lake. For this second series, you will be able to find 8 episodes which last about 30 minutes each. Suffice to say that if you are quickly caught up in the story, you will quickly be able to devour this series. But what is it about? It’s about Billie, a teenager who was adopted as a baby. His biological dad and mom were best friends in high school and at prom they went off the rails. Unable to take on this child, he was then put up for adoption by his father.

    And while Billie has no problem with being adopted, her parents want her to get to know her biological father. So they decided that she was going to spend the summer holidays with him near a lake. The problem is that they are totally different. And their age difference, so close, sows some doubt in this father-daughter relationship. You could almost think they are friends! But Justin, Billie’s father, makes a point of letting everyone know she is his daughter. And he also lets it be known that he is looking for the man of his life!

    A wacky comedy to devour!

    While the father and daughter were just beginning to get to know each other, everything will be turned upside down by the arrival of Maisy-May, Justin's half-sister. She’s a bit of a perfect madam and with her brother, it’s far from being madness! When writing melty, we loved Maisy-May who is played by Julia Stiles. For the record, it’s the star of Save The Last Dance. A cult film from the early 2000s and we really enjoyed seeing it again on our screens. And if Justin is funny, Maisy-May is just as funny. You’ll have understood it: we really liked this slightly crazy comedy that can be watched endlessly!

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