The last moments of Anna Przybylska's life. The artist's mother revealed it in a sincere confession

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35-year-old Anna Przybylska passed away after a serious illness on October 5, 2014.

The last moments of Anna Przybylska's life. The artist's mother revealed it in a sincere confession.

When the media circulated the information about the death of the serial police officer Marylka Baka, all of Poland was unable to believe that she was no longer with her. us.

Unrequited loss and Anna Przybylska's last moments

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It was also a huge blow for the actress's closest ones, as well as for fans and friends. Soon it will be 8 years since the death of Anna Przybylska, which will coincide with the official premiere in cinemas of the documentary about the life of the actress, entitled “Ania”.

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Even history yes a beloved actress, such as Anna Przybylska, requires promotion, as part of which Ania's closest relatives shared their memories with the public.

An honest interview was given, among others, by Ania's mother, who told about the last days in her daughter.

Ms Krystyna Przybylska's shocking words will surely give many recipients a lot of food for thought and squeeze tears from their eyes – T ak, she wasn't taking morphine anymore. So, a month before she left, she ate a lot of cookies, and earlier she cheered us when we ate sweets: & ldquo; D & hellip; y will grow from this. Eat salads & rdquo ;. But apparently she wanted to sweeten those difficult moments. My Ania, she was full of her – recalls Ms Krystyna.

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The sister of the deceased actress admitted in the same interview that her sister's departure was very shocking family. As she revealed, her mother still takes medication and uses the help of specialists, and she herself has not come to terms with Ania's death. She added that in their case, time failed to heal their wounds.

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