The Last of Us: (finally) a trailer for the HBO series

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On this Last of Us Day, HBO has decided to give a preview of its The Last of Us series, based on the famous video game.

If the pigeons fans of The Last of Uscan fall back on the remake of the first opus on PlayStation 5, we must admit that we are all waiting, like bloodthirsty infected, for news of the long-awaited series from HBO. After a few discreet images during an HBO Max panel, the adaptation worn by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey has been desired.

As a reminder, this new A look at Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic masterpiece has brought together Neil Druckmann (the games' writer) and Craig Mazin (creator of the must-have Chernobyl series). Something to reassure, even if the adaptations of video games in films and series often struggle to convince.

In any case , HBO continues to kindly teaser aficionados. And inevitably, we were on the job in this Monday, September 26, which is none other than “The Last of Us Day”. Previously dubbed Outbreak Day, this date has been used since 2013 to announce great surprises around the franchise. In 2021, this is when the first official image of the television series was released. For 2022, The Last of Us finally gives us a trailer worthy of the name, which frankly makes you want to.

At the sight of these images, one thing is certain: the series wants extremely faithful to the original game. We could even worry about it, as certain shots seem to be simple transfers without surprises (in particular in the resumption of its traumatic introduction, up to a shot inside Joel's van).

However, we cannot take away from this trailer a reassuring production value, starting with the rendering of the Claqueurs, these special infected who, we hope, should give us as much terrify than in the game. Also note that The Last of Us seems to resume, beyond the events of the first opus, those of its DLC Left Behind , where we looked back on Ellie's past.

All of this is promising, and we can't wait to be in 2023, when was announced the future juggernaut of HBO. The Last of Us has still not given more details on its release with these new images, no doubt to reserve a strategic niche for itself compared to the competition. In the meantime, you can find our test of the incredible The Last of Us – Part II.

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