The last project of Franciszek Pieczka. The legendary actor a dozen or so days ago starred in the film of an important person

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The last photos of the artist, taken shortly before his death, hit the network.

 The last project of Franciszek Pieczka. The legendary actor a dozen days ago appeared in a film of an important person for him

Franciszek Pieczka died on Friday, September 23 at the age of 94 years. The actor went down in the history of Polish art with many roles. He has appeared in series, films, theater and radio productions.

He will be remembered by many primarily as Gustlik z & ldquo; Czterech pancerni i pies & rdquo ;, Stach Japycz z & ldquo; Rancza & rdquo ;, Czepiec z & bdquo; Wesela, & rdquo; Ludwik from the movie & ldquo; Sprawa rypła & rdquo; or Saint Peter of & ldquo; Quo Vadis & rdquo ;.

In recent years, due to a pandemic, he limited his professional activity, but he did not end his career until the end, hoping to return to the filming set.

Now it turns out that several days before his death he appeared in the film kr & oacute; film filmed by granddaughter Alicja. Photos have just hit the network. You can see them in the GALLERY.

Although death always causes sadness, the actor himself was not at all afraid of it. Not long ago, he said that he would like to leave in peace and without b & oacute; He also missed his beloved wife very much. Henryka Pieczka unexpectedly died in 2004 at the age of 71. They have spent almost fifty years together.

& ldquo; I no longer have any aspirations, neither in life, nor personal, nor professional. Only I am asking God to go away calmly, painlessly. And to meet my spouse later. There, upstream & rdquo; & ndash; translated by Franciszek Pieczka.

His wish came true.

 The last project of Franciszek Pieczka. The legendary actor a dozen or so days ago appeared in the film of an important person

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