The latest photo of Grzegorz Markowski has circulated in the media. One detail worried the fans. What is it about

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Fans do not hide their concerns about Grzegorz Markowski.

 The latest photo by Grzegorz Markowski was circulated in the media. The fan was very concerned about one detail. What is it about

As the portal “Pomponik” reminds, Grzegorz Markowski greatly concerned his fans when he issued a statement that his health forced him to resign from participation in the farewell tour of Perfect. Since then, the singer has not appeared very often in public. His hand said she had to get him out of the house. Recently, Patrycja Markowska added a photo with her dad. The fans of the artist tremble for their idol. All because of one detail. What?

Fans are worried about Grzegorz Markowski

Some time ago the fans of Perfect were shocked by the news that the band's leader would resign from performing on stage. He was supposed to do so due to his deteriorating health. The 69-year-old Markowski admitted that his health is not as good as before. After this statement, Grzegorz Markowski did not appear in public and little was known what was happening to him.

Patrycja Markowska confessed that her dad hid at home and it was difficult to convince him to do anything, even to sing. When Markowski came back a bit, his daughters managed to send him to a joint recording.

 The newest photo of Grzegorz Markowski was circulated in the media. The fan was deeply concerned about one detail. ></p><p> Recently, Patrycja Markowska decided to post a photo with her father on social media. The occasion to publish the photos was, paradoxically, the approaching All Saints' Day.</p><p>“I love our family meetings. The end of October is also the time when the All Saints' Day is approaching, a time of memories. When Grandma Basia was still alive, Sunday dinners were a tradition and they always took place at her place. You don't even know how I miss her & hellip;” – Markowska wrote under the photo with her dad.</p><blockquote class =

Fans they immediately noticed one detail. I am talking about a cigarette in the mouth of Grzegorz Markowski. Many do not hide that when the artist's health is not particularly good, he should not indulge in such a harmful addiction.

“How nice to see Mr. Grzegorz, but a microphone instead of a pipe and it would be a blast” – wrote one of the Internet users.

You were also worried about a cigarette in Markowski's mouth?

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