The law of attraction – how to use it directly in your life


August 5, 2022, 2:30 p.m. | Business

How this cosmic law affects your destiny.

The Law of Attraction — how to use it directly in your of life

Do you dream of turning your dreams into reality? Do you want to attract success into your life? Use the law of attraction and simply believe in its power, informs Ukr.Media.

How the law of attraction works

This law is universal and real, following which a person's thoughts turn into a magnet. Therefore, if one thought gets stuck in the head, then other, similar thoughts will be involved in it. And if there are many thoughts in the head, then the magnetism of a person only increases, everything you think about becomes reality.

According to the law of attraction, there is one rule: like attracts like.

For example, if a person thinks “I am constantly sick”; or “I'm unhappy and I won't have happiness'', then over time all this will be involved in life. After all, the law of gravity does not distinguish between good and evil, it returns to a person everything that he sends to the universe. Some people think that they are doing well when they think, “I never want to get sick,'' but in reality, this statement is negative. After all, in this situation, thoughts are programmed to feel bad, they are picked up by the universe and return to the world around you.

You can tell by your feelings where the energy vibrations are working. For example, if you say, “I don't want my money to run out,'' you are actually afraid of running out of money. After all, the universe reflects all your emotions. Therefore, to realize your goals, thoughts, actions, words and feelings must be correct. In order to never run out of money, you need to constantly say: “I am happy, satisfied and grateful that I have a lot of money”. Remember that moment in your life when you had a lot of money, how you count it, enjoy the rustle, touch it, experience this pleasant feeling. Only when you feel your dream, you will agree on your goal and your energy.

Once you start observing your thoughts, the most negative ones will go away, even though they seemed positive. Constantly use the acquired knowledge and change the course of your thoughts. After all, a change of thoughts will have a positive effect on a person and will give the most positive emotions.

How to realize your desires?

Step one

First of all, you need to decide what comes first, state it in the present tense and visualize your dream. You can't shift your attention from one dream to another, because if you don't have clear intentions, you won't have enough strength to implement your plans. In order to successfully implement everything planned, you need to keep a clear picture of your dream and keep a huge desire to get it.

Step two

It is necessary to create a feeling of pride, hope, pleasant excitement inside, to focus on all these emotions. Disappointment, disappointment, longing, insecurity should be kept away from your thoughts, otherwise the attitude towards realizing your dream will be blocked.

New opportunities and the Law of Attraction< /p>

If we compare the Law of Attraction with other systems, then it remains the strongest, as it works only on the power of thought. Thanks to this power, you can achieve everything that the soul desires, the main thing is that the thoughts are pure, bright and soulful. The law of attraction does not give anything, it only helps to achieve success on your own.

For example, if you dream about how to buy a car, then constantly think about it, write down your goal on a piece of paper, imagine how you are sitting behind the wheel of your own car, feel a rush of positive emotions. Of course, the car will not appear in a day on the doorstep of your house, but in the near future it will become a reality. The most important thing is to strive for it, work, collect money and not give up.

Be sure to plan your goals, move towards them by taking certain steps. For example, if you plan to buy a car, the first thing you need to do is go to a car dealership, decide on the brand, terms of purchase, determine the price criterion and other nuances. Find out from the seller the terms of the insurance, what is required to register the car. After that, you can proceed to the second step: determine the term of buying a car and how many months and years you need to save money to achieve the goal.

The last, most important condition for the law of attraction to work is faith. You need to believe with all your soul in this law and in your own strength. Many people make a very serious and gross mistake — they quickly give up on the way to their dreams. The law of attraction does not start working immediately, it needs time to rebuild a person's thoughts. In addition, beginners in this business devote very little time to their desires and thoughts, so nothing works for them. The law of gravity is not to blame for this, it's just that the universe does not want to fulfill the dreams of a lazy person who is not serious about his life. All a person needs to be heard by the mighty force of the Universe is to show persistence and confidence in his abilities.


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